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Barn Conversion
 Barn Conversion in County Durham, front room we manufactured, supplied and installed a large plain cornice the ceilings were 3 metres high the room needed a cornice this size to look in proportion with the room, the finished job looked superb.Once again a highly satisfied customer              
This is one of our modern designs of cornice, ceiling rose and circles which we manufactured and installed in a lounge, the end result made a complete difference the customers where delighted after the job had been finished.Here are some before and after pictures.               
The Grove
The Grove Marton Middlesbrough This job was a front room ceiling that we designed manufactured and installed to the customers requirements, Here are some before, during and after pictures                
Park View Clinic
Park View Clinic Marton RoadThe original cornice had been damaged by a leak on the roof, Water had soaked into the cornice  and as result it had to be restored, The mouldings are about 160 years old the photos show the damage the water had done, We removed the damaged mouldings and then made new ones and replaced them, The end result was perfect you could not tell that it had been restored.    
Darris Hall
 Darris Hall Estate Newcastle The mouldings that you see on the photos were specially made from architects drawings, We had to run 2 curves in situe around a bedroom, A hand run circle 40" wide and a 3 metre x 1.5 metre oval as well makeing and installing  the cornice  in every room, It looked fantastic